I have worked with local newspapers as a photographer, writer and graphic designer since 2007 and have been taking photos of family and friends since I got my first throw-away Kodak camera and was allowed to use the family's digital camera that used a 3.5" floppy.

As technology evolved, I went along, from the Canon Digital Elph circa 2000, through the Canon Digital Rebel EOS circa 2002 to the Canon T1i circa 2010 to the uber-fabulous Canon 7D 'a la 2012 to my Canon 5Dii of 2014 - this spectacular technology (and my never ending desire to hone and master my technique and equipment) has brought me many megapixels of bliss.

Recently, I have found love in glowy outdoor light and continue to pride myself on giving all my clients a fabulous individual experiences resulting in images they cherish for years.

Looking forward to seeing you through the lens soon ...

(My portrait images/Carrie Seasyn McDowell)